SAGA-GIS Tool Library Documentation (v6.2.0)

Full Tool Index

01: A Simple Litter System
01: My first tool
02: Carbon Cycle Simulation for Terrestrial Biomass
02: Pixel by pixel operations with two grids
03: Direct neighbours
03: Spatially Distributed Simulation of Soil Nitrogen Dynamics
04: Direct neighbours - more...
05: Direct neighbours - slope and aspect
06: Extended neighbourhoods
07: Extended neighbourhoods - catchment areas (trace flow)
08: Extended neighbourhoods - catchment areas (parallel)
09: Extended neighbourhoods - catchment areas (recursive)
10: Dynamic Simulation - Life
11: Dynamic Simulation - Soil Nitrogen Dynamics
12: First steps with shapes
13: Reprojecting a shapes layer
14: Vectorising channel lines
3D Shapes Viewer
Accumulated Cost
Accumulation Functions
Add Coordinates to Points
Add Grid Values to Points
Add Grid Values to Shapes
Add Point Attributes to Polygons
Add Polygon Attributes to Points
Aggregate Point Observations
Aggregation Index
Analytical Hierarchy Process
Analytical Hillshading
Angular Distance Weighted
Annual Course of Daily Insolation
Append Fields from another Table
Aspect-Slope Grid
Automated Cloud Cover Assessment
Average With Mask 1
Average With Mask 2
Average With Thereshold 1
Average With Thereshold 2
Average With Thereshold 3
B-Spline Approximation
BSL from File
Basic Terrain Analysis
Begin Transaction
Binary Erosion-Reconstruction
Bioclimatic Variables
Burn Stream Network into DEM
Categorical Coincidence
Cell Balance
Change Cell Values (interactive)
Change Color Format
Change Data Storage
Change Date Format
Change Field Type
Change Grid Values
Change Grid Values - Flood Fill (interactive)
Change Longitudinal Range for Grids
Change Time Format
Change Vector Analysis
Change a Grid's No-Data Value
Channel Network
Channel Network and Drainage Basins
Clip Grid with Polygon
Clip Grid with Rectangle
Clip Grids
Clip Grids (interactive)
Clip Points with Polygons
Close Gaps
Close Gaps with Spline
Close Gaps with Stepwise Resampling
Close One Cell Gaps
Cluster Analysis
Cluster Analysis for Point Clouds
Color Palette Rotation
Color Triangle Composite
Colorisation (PC)
Colour Normalized Brovey Sharpening
Colour Normalized Spectral Sharpening
Combine Classes
Combine Grids
Commit/Rollback Transaction
Commit/Rollback Transaction
Confusion Matrix (Polygons / Grid)
Confusion Matrix (Two Grids)
Connect to ODBC Source
Connect to PostgreSQL
Connectivity Analysis
Constant Grid
Contour Lines from Grid
Convergence Index
Convergence Index (Search Radius)
Convert Lines to Points
Convert Lines to Polygons
Convert Multipoints to Points
Convert Points to Line(s)
Convert Polygon/Line Vertices to Points
Convert Polygons to Lines
Convert Table to Points
Convert Vertex Type (2D/3D)
Convex Hull
Conway's Game of Life
Coordinate Reference System Picker
Coordinate Transformation (Grid List)
Coordinate Transformation (Grid)
Coordinate Transformation (Point Cloud List)
Coordinate Transformation (Point Cloud)
Coordinate Transformation (Shapes List)
Coordinate Transformation (Shapes)
Copy Grid
Copy Selection
Copy Selection to New Shapes Layer
Copy Shapes from Region
Copy Shapes from Region (interactive)
Count Points in Polygons
Covered Distance
Create 3D Image
Create Chart Layer (bars/sectors)
Create Graticule
Create Grid System
Create New Shapes Layer
Create New Table
Create Point Grid
Create Raster Catalogue from Files
Create Raster Catalogues from Directory
Create Reference Points (interactive)
Create Tileshape from Virtual Point Cloud
Create Virtual Point Cloud Dataset
Create Web Content (interactive)
Create a Grid Collection
Crop to Data
Cross Profiles
Cross-Classification and Tabulation
Cubic Spline Approximation
Curvature Classification
DTM Filter (slope-based)
Daily Insolation over Latitude
Daily to Hourly ETpot
Decision Tree
Define Georeference for Grids
Delete Fields
Delete Grids from a Grid Collection
Delete Selection
Delete Selection from Shapes Layer
Destriping with Mask
Diffuse Pollution Risk
Diffusive Hillslope Evolution (ADI)
Diffusive Hillslope Evolution (FTCS)
Direct Georeferencing of Airborne Photographs
Directional Average
Directional Statistics for Single Grid
Disconnect All
Disconnect All
Disconnect from ODBC Source
Disconnect from PostgreSQL
Distance (ViGrA)
Diurnal Anisotropic Heating
Downslope Area (interactive)
Downslope Distance Gradient
Drop Point Cloud Attributes
Drop Table
Drop Table
ETpot (after Hargreaves, Grid)
ETpot (after Hargreaves, Table)
Earth's Orbital Parameters
Edge Contamination
Edge Detection (ViGrA)
Effective Air Flow Heights
Enhanced Vegetation Index
Execute SQL
Execute SQL
Export Atlas Boundary File
Export ESRI Arc/Info Grid
Export GPX
Export GStat Shapes
Export GeoTIFF
Export Grid to KML
Export Grid to XYZ
Export Image (bmp, jpg, pcx, png, tif)
Export Point Cloud to Text File
Export Polygons to HTML Image Map
Export Raster
Export Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) File
Export Shapes
Export Shapes to Generate
Export Shapes to KML
Export Shapes to PostGIS
Export Shapes to XYZ
Export Simple Features to Well Known Text
Export Surfer Blanking File
Export Surfer Grid
Export TIN to Stereo Lithography File (STL)
Export Table
Export Table
Export Text Table
Export True Color Bitmap
Export WASP terrain map file
Export WRF Geogrid Binary Format
Extract Grids from a Grid Collection
Fast Representativeness
Field Calculator
Field Calculator [Shapes]
Fill Gaps in Records
Fill Sinks (Planchon/Darboux, 2001)
Fill Sinks (QM of ESP)
Fill Sinks (Wang & Liu)
Fill Sinks XXL (Wang & Liu)
Filter Clumps
Find Field of Extreme Value
Fire Risk Analysis
Fit Color Palette to Grid Values
Fit N Points to shape
Flat Detection
Flow Accumulation (Flow Tracing)
Flow Accumulation (Mass-Flux Method)
Flow Accumulation (Parallel)
Flow Accumulation (QM of ESP)
Flow Accumulation (Recursive)
Flow Accumulation (Top-Down)
Flow Accumulation (Trace)
Flow Depth (interactive)
Flow Path Length
Flow Path Profile (interactive)
Flow Sinuosity (interactive)
Flow Width and Specific Catchment Area
Focal PCA on a Grid
Fourier Filter (ViGrA)
Fourier Transform (Real, ViGrA)
Fourier Transform (ViGrA)
Fourier Transform Inverse (ViGrA)
Fourier Transformation (OpenCV)
Fractal Brownian Noise
Fractal Dimension of Grid Surface
Fragmentation (Alternative)
Fragmentation (Standard)
Fragmentation Classes from Density and Connectivity
Frost Change Frequency
Frost Change Frequency (interactive)
Function Fit
Function Plotter
Fuzzy Intersection (AND)
Fuzzy Landform Element Classification
Fuzzy Union (OR)
GDAL Formats
GPX to shapefile
GWR for Grid Downscaling
GWR for Multiple Predictor Grids
GWR for Multiple Predictors
GWR for Multiple Predictors (Gridded Model Output)
GWR for Single Predictor (Gridded Model Output)
GWR for Single Predictor Grid
Gaussian Filter
Gaussian Landscapes
Generate Shapes
Geodesic Morphological Reconstruction
Geographic Coordinate Grids
Geographic Distances
Geographic Distances (Pair of Coordinates)
Geographic Distances (interactive)
Geometric Figures
Get Grid from Virtual Point Cloud
Get Grid from Virtual Point Cloud (interactive)
Get Shapes Extents
Get Subset from Virtual Point Cloud
Get Subset from Virtual Point Cloud (interactive)
Global Moran's I for Grids
Globe Viewer for Grids
Gradient Vector from Cartesian to Polar Coordinates
Gradient Vector from Polar to Cartesian Coordinates
Gradient Vectors from Surface
Gravitational Process Path Model
Grid Animation
Grid Buffer
Grid Calculator
Grid Cell Area Covered by Polygons
Grid Cell Index
Grid Collection Viewer
Grid Difference
Grid Division
Grid Masking
Grid Normalisation
Grid Proximity Buffer
Grid Skeletonization
Grid Standardisation
Grid Statistics for Points
Grid Statistics for Polygons
Grid System Extent
Grid Value Request (interactive)
Grid Values to Points
Grid Values to Points (randomly)
Grid Volume
Grid to TIN
Grid to TIN (Surface Specific Points)
GridManipulation (interactive)
Grids Product
Grids Sum
Grids from classified grid and table
Growing Degree Days
Histogram Surface
IHACRES Calibration (2)
IHACRES Elevation Bands
IHACRES Elevation Bands Calibration
IHACRES Version 1.0
IHS Sharpening
Import Atlas Boundary File
Import Binary Raw Data
Import Building Sketches from CityGML
Import DXF Files
Import ESRI Arc/Info Grid
Import ESRI E00 File
Import Erdas LAN/GIS
Import GPX
Import GStat Shapes
Import Grid from Table
Import Grid from XYZ
Import Grids from KML
Import Image (bmp, jpg, png, tif, gif, pnm, xpm)
Import Landsat Scene
Import MOLA Grid (MEGDR)
Import NetCDF
Import Point Cloud from Shape File
Import Point Cloud from Text File
Import Raster
Import SRTM30 DEM
Import Shapes
Import Shapes from PostGIS
Import Shapes from XYZ
Import Shapes with Joined Data from PostGIS (GUI)
Import Simple Features from Well Known Text
Import Stereo Lithography File (STL)
Import Surfer Blanking Files
Import Surfer Grid
Import TMS Image
Import Table
Import Table
Import Table from SQL Query
Import Table from SQL Query
Import Table from SQL Query (GUI)
Import Text Table
Import Text Table (Fixed Column Sizes)
Import Text Table with Numbers only
Import USGS SRTM Grid
Import WASP terrain map file
Import WRF Geogrid Binary Format
Import a Map via Web Map Service (WMS)
Import from Open Street Map (interactive)
Import, Clip and Resample Grids
Inverse Distance Weighted
Inverse Principle Components Rotation
Invert Data/No-Data
Invert Grid
Invert Selection
Invert Selection of Shapes Layer
Isochrones Constant Speed (interactive)
Isochrones Variable Speed (interactive)
Join Attributes from a Table
Join Attributes from a Table (Shapes)
K-Means Clustering for Grids
Kernel Density Estimation
Kinematic Wave Overland Flow
LS Factor
LS-Factor, Field Based
Lake Flood
Lake Flood (interactive)
Land Surface Temperature
Land Use Scenario Generator
LandFlow Version 1.0 (build 3.5.1b)
Landsat Import with Options
Laplacian Filter
Latitude/Longitude Graticule
Layer of extreme value
Least Cost Path (interactive)
Least Cost Paths
Line Crossings
Line Dissolve
Line Properties
Line Simplification
Line Smoothing
Line-Polygon Intersection
List ODBC Servers
List PostgreSQL Connections
List Table Fields
List Table Fields
List Tables
List Tables
Local Minima and Maxima
Local Statistical Measures
Longitudinal Grid Statistics
MMF-SAGA Soil Erosion Model
Majority/Minority Filter
Mandelbrot Set (interactive)
Mass Balance Index
Maximum Entropy Classifcation
Maximum Entropy Presence Prediction
Maximum Flow Path Length
Melton Ruggedness Number
Merge Layers
Merge Point Clouds
Merge Tables
Meridional Grid Statistics
Mesh Denoise
Metric Conversions
Mine Sweeper (interactive)
Minimum Distance Analysis
Minimum Redundancy Feature Selection
Mirror Grid
Modifed Quadratic Shepard
Monthly Global by Latitude
Morphological Filter
Morphological Filter (OpenCV)
Morphological Filter (ViGrA)
Morphometric Features
Morphometric Protection Index
Move Grid (interactive)
Multi Direction Lee Filter
Multi Level to Points Interpolation
Multi Level to Surface Interpolation
Multi-Band Variation
Multi-Scale Topographic Position Index (TPI)
Multilevel B-Spline Interpolation
Multilevel B-Spline Interpolation (from Grid)
Multiple Grids Viewer
Multiple Linear Regression Analysis
Multiple Linear Regression Analysis (Shapes)
Multiple Regression Analysis (Grid and Predictor Grids)
Multiple Regression Analysis (Points and Predictor Grids)
Multiresolution Index of Valley Bottom Flatness (MRVBF)
Natural Neighbour
Nearest Neighbour
Newton-Raphson (interactive)
Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA)
Ordinary Kriging
Overland Flow Distance to Channel Network
Pattern Analysis
Point Cloud Attribute Calculator
Point Cloud Cutter
Point Cloud Cutter (interactive)
Point Cloud Reclassifier / Subset Extractor
Point Cloud Thinning (simple)
Point Cloud Viewer
Point Cloud from Grid Points
Point Cloud from Shapes
Point Cloud from Table
Point Cloud to Grid
Point Cloud to Shapes
Point Distances
Point Statistics for Polygons
Points Filter
Points Thinning
Polar to Cartesian Coordinates
Polygon Centroids
Polygon Clipping
Polygon Dissolve
Polygon Parts to Separate Polygons
Polygon Properties
Polygon Self-Intersection
Polygon Shape Indices
Polygon-Line Intersection
Polygons to Edges and Nodes
Polynomial Regression
Polynomial Trend from Grids
Potential Incoming Solar Radiation
Principle Components Analysis
Principle Components Analysis
Principle Components Based Image Sharpening
Profile (interactive)
Profile from points
Profiles from Lines
Proximity Grid
Pythagoras' Tree
QuadTree Structure to Shapes
RGB Composite
Radius of Variance (Grid)
Random Field
Random Terrain
Rank Filter
Real Surface Area
Reclassify Grid Values
Rectify Grid
Regression Analysis (Points and Predictor Grid)
Regression Kriging
Relative Heights and Slope Positions
Remove Duplicate Points
Remove Invalid Shapes
Remove Overlap from Virtual Point Cloud Tiles
Replace Text
Representativeness (Grid)
Resampling Filter
Resection (Terrestrial)
Residual Analysis (Grid)
Running Average
SAGA Wetness Index
SVG Interactive Map
SVM Classification
Save Grid Statistics to Table
Seed Generation
Seeded Region Growing
Select Grid from List
Select Look-up Table for Grid Visualization
Select Point Cloud from List
Select Points (interactive)
Select Shapes from List
Select by Attributes... (Numerical Expression)
Select by Attributes... (String Expression)
Select by Location...
Select by Numerical Expression
Select by String Expression
Separate points by direction
Set Coordinate Reference System
Shapes Buffer
Shapes Report
Shapes Summary Report
Shapes to Grid
Shapes to TIN
Shrink and Expand
Sieve Classes
Simple Filter
Simple Filter (Restricted to Polygons)
Simple Kriging
Single Value Decomposition (OpenCV)
Sink Drainage Route Detection
Sink Removal
Sky View Factor
Slope Length
Slope Limited Flow Accumulation
Slope, Aspect, Curvature
Smoothing (ViGrA)
Snap Points to Grid
Snap Points to Lines
Snap Points to Points
Snow Cover
Soil Moisture Content
Soil Texture Classification
Soil Water Balance (interactive)
Spatial Point Pattern Analysis
Spherical Harmonic Synthesis
Split Lines at Points
Split Lines with Lines
Split RGB Composite
Split Shapes Layer
Split Shapes Layer Completely
Split Shapes Layer Randomly
Split Table/Shapes by Attribute
Statistics for Grids
Strahler Order
Stream Power Index
Successive Flow Routing
Sudoku (interactive)
Sunrise and Sunset
Supervised Classification for Grids
Supervised Classification for Shapes
Supervised Classification for Tables
Surface Specific Points
Surface and Gradient
Surface, Gradient and Concentration
Swath Profile (interactive)
Symmetrical Difference
TIN Viewer
TIN to Shapes
TPI Based Landform Classification
Table Field Enumeration
Tasseled Cap Transformation
Terrain Map View
Terrain Path Cross Sections
Terrain Ruggedness Index (TRI)
Terrain Surface Classification (Iwahashi and Pike)
Terrain Surface Convexity
Terrain Surface Texture
Textural Features
Thermic Belt Classification
Thiessen Polygons
Thin Plate Spline
Thin Plate Spline (TIN)
Threshold Buffer
Tissot's Indicatrix
Top of Atmosphere Reflectance
Topographic Correction
Topographic Openness
Topographic Position Index (TPI)
Topographic Wetness Index (TWI)
Transect through polygon shapefile
Transform Point Cloud
Transform Shapes
Transpose Grids
Transpose Table
Tree Growth Season
Trend Analysis
Trend Analysis (Shapes)
UTM Projection (Grid List)
UTM Projection (Grid)
UTM Projection (Point Cloud List)
UTM Projection (Point Cloud)
UTM Projection (Shapes List)
UTM Projection (Shapes)
Universal Image Quality Index
Universal Kriging
Update Shapes SRID
Upslope Area
Upslope Area (interactive)
Upslope and Downslope Curvature
User Defined Filter
Valley Depth
Valley and Ridge Detection (Top Hat Approach)
Variogram (Dialog)
Variogram Cloud
Variogram Surface
Vector Ruggedness Measure (VRM)
Vectorising Grid Classes
Vegetation Index (Distance Based)
Vegetation Index (Slope Based)
Vertical Distance to Channel Network
Visibility (points)
Visibility (single point) (interactive)
Warping Shapes
Water Retention Capacity
Watershed Basins
Watershed Basins (Extended)
Watershed Segmentation
Watershed Segmentation (ViGrA)
Wind Effect (Windward / Leeward Index)
Wind Effect Correction
Wind Exposition Index
Wombling (Edge Detection)
Wombling for Multiple Features (Edge Detection)
World File from Flight and Camera Settings
Zonal Grid Statistics
Zonal Multiple Regression Analysis (Points and Predictor Grids)
[deprecated] Neural Networks (OpenCV)
[deprecated] Point Cloud Viewer
[deprecated] Proj.4 (Command Line Arguments, Grid)
[deprecated] Proj.4 (Command Line Arguments, List of Grids)
[deprecated] Proj.4 (Command Line Arguments, List of Shapes Layers)
[deprecated] Proj.4 (Command Line Arguments, Shapes)
[deprecated] Proj.4 (Dialog, Grid)
[deprecated] Proj.4 (Dialog, List of Grids)
[deprecated] Proj.4 (Dialog, List of Shapes Layers)
[deprecated] Proj.4 (Dialog, Shapes)
[deprecated] TIN Viewer